Benazir Barlet-BatadaMatt’s personal training methods and motivational techniques are absolutely amazing and really work – In just 6 months, I lost 1 and a half stone, lost 6 inches from my waist, lost 3 inches from my hips, dropped 3 dress sizes and have never felt fitter or better in my life! I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

-Benazir Barlet-Batada, Senior Brand Manager

Jonathan Whiskerd

Being a musician often doesn’t lend itself to a healthy lifestyle: irregular schedules, eating at unusual times and the ever-tempting opportunity to drink beer after gigs can mean that any attempts to maintain a fitness regime are futile. Matt is the first personal trainer I have worked with who has been able to design a workout that is accessible, versatile and exactly suited to my needs. Crucially, it can be done anywhere – and indeed it has been done in many Travelodge rooms across the UK! Matt is an excellent personal trainer: knowledgeable, focused and personable, he has enabled me to achieve my fitness goals.”

-Jonathan Whiskerd, Musician

Anne Benoist

I always used to hate exercising and I was struggling even brisk walking when Matt first trained me. Matt managed to make me enjoy sport, each session is different, challenging and fun. It makes me feel instantly good and I come back home with a great sense of achievement. Over the last 12 months I feel much more energised and confident, and I sleep better as well.”

-Anne Benoist, Consultant Director

Eric Benoist

You will need a lot of motivation, a lot of courage and determination, but whatever the goal you want to reach, Matt can take you there in the most professional and efficient way. More importantly, he will help you get there at your own speed, encouraging you and pushing you each time a bit more, extracting visible, measurable progress from you, session after session – but staying clear of any high-testosterone-near-death-experience-military-like training so that the whole experience quickly becomes truly enjoyable. Whether you want to train at the gym or in a park outside, early in the morning or after work, Matt always shows a lot of flexibility and commitment. 18 months on, I feel much healthier and unlike with previous exercise-free diet attempts, I feel my body has changed in a much more sustainable and long-lasting way. Matt W: Highly recommended!”

-Eric Benoist, Equity Derivatives Sales Director

Matt is an excellent trainer, and I have no hesitation recommending him: his knowledge and expertise are matched only by his great enthusiasm. Matt gives constant encouragement when training and he makes it really easy to stick to your programme in between sessions.”

-Jay Chesters, Assistant Organiser