Five ways to jazz up workouts

Try something different! Matt doing his own special version of push-ups

Try something new! Matt with his own version of push-ups

Variety is the spice of life as the saying goes, and working out is no different.

Not only does trying new exercises prevent sessions becoming a snooze-fest, it also keeps you challenged and helps avoid that dreaded fitness plateau.

Here is a list of five rip-snorting training techniques that you might not have seen before, with videos of yours truly giving them a whirl.

1) Dumbbell thrusters: a great full-body resistance exercise, which will also get the heart and lungs going.

2) Barbell overhead press: perfect for strengthening and sculpting the shoulders, with the back and arms joining the party as well.

3) Tuck burpees: a high-intensity jumping exercise, which will challenge just about every muscle in your body.

4) Speed ladder routines: stepping in an out of the rungs is a fun way to get those legs moving and work up a sweat.

5) Plyo push-ups: fab for developing explosive strength and power in the chest (the clap is optional)!

Hopefully that’s given you some ideas to brighten up your workout. If you need any other fitness tips, please post a comment on this blog, or get in touch on social media via the links below.

Matt is a fitness trainer, football freestyler and world record holder. Connect with him on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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