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Fitness is for life, not just for Christmas

Many people will be familiar with the old saying: ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’.

It was coined in 1978 by the Dogs Trust in a bid to reduce the number of new pet pups abandoned just weeks after arriving in Santa’s sack.

It’s a great slogan and provided the inspiration for this blog.

With the festive period fast approaching, we’re bombarded with adverts urging us to ‘get in shape for the Christmas party’ with special ‘LBD workouts’. (LBD stands for little black dress, because saying entire words is just too taxing)

Despite being a bloke I’ve always wanted to look good in an LBD, but instead of getting my festive fitness on, I’ve had a revolutionary idea.

Rather than preening our feathers for the office booze-up, why not exercise to look and feel good all the time?

I know it seems a crazy notion, but it might just be the way forward.

Regular exercise is irrefutably a good thing. You will feel better. You will look better.

So do it all year round!

I know it’s hard to drum-up the energy. I know we’re all busy. I know it’s not easy.

But if you can motivate yourself to workout for the crappy Christmas party, surely you can do the same for a healthier life?

Make exercise a habit and reap the benefits. Fitness is for life, not just for Christmas.

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