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Get fit fast with sprint training

Want to get in shape and torch fat fast? Then start channelling your inner Usain Bolt.

Research has shown sprinting is a highly effective way to improve fitness and fight the flab.

One of the best ways to incorporate it into your workouts is an approach called sprint interval training (SIT).

This involves alternating hard work with periods of recovery. An example of this can seen in the video below.



It’s important to say that this is tough stuff. It hurts. But it works.

The intensity means you won’t be whizzing around for long. There are many different forms of SIT, but you really shouldn’t be looking to do any more than a maximum of 20 minutes.

If you are able to do longer, chances are you’re not sprinting, you’re jogging. Or even crawling by that stage…

You’ll need some inner steelΒ to really push yourself – repeatedly running as fast as you can requires mental toughness. But if you hurdle that barrier, sprint training can aid fat loss, improve your overall health and boost your fitness.

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